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My name is Rickard Eldh and many years ago the dream to one day start my own distillery started to grow after a visit to a famous distillery in Härnösand. I wanted to combine my love for gin with my passion for entrepreneurship. My ambition was to make an exclusive gin with a bold taste for all the gin lovers, like myself, around the world.

In beautiful Möckelsnäs, with traditions dating back to the 14th century, people have always found refuge in the calm and beautiful surroundings. Embedded in the deep forrest in rural Swedish province Småland, surrounded by pine and leaf trees, I had found the perfect place to start my new distillery.

Möckelsnäs Bränneri was born. 


With a small copper still I started distilling one botanical at the time and experimenting to find the perfect taste profile. Starting up the distillery was a lot of hard work, but finally I was on my way. Now all that was missing was the most important thing: a final product. As time went on I kept on experimenting and perfecting the gin recipe while at the same time trying to build a business.

After some time I realized that I was going to need help to achieve my dream. So a few years after starting out I was joined by partners who shared my vision for how a great gin should taste and have helped make the distillery into what it is today. One of my newfound partners was Robin, who not only is a fantastic person, but also has a great eye for detail and natural talent for distilling gin.

All throughout the journey friends and family have cheered me on, supported and helped in big and small things. Without them the distillery would not have been possible.

Crafting a new legacy

In Möckelsnäs legend has it that a Swedish knight in 1337 laid the foundation to what later became the manor that still occupies the land to this day. Historically the grounds have been used for horse raising and horse breeding, and back in the 18th century there was even a distillery in the outskirts of Möckelsnäs.

This rich history in Möckelsnäs together with my own dream to create an exclusive gin with a lot of taste, the distillery's vision became clear:

To create supreme spritis steeped in history.

We want to build on the history of Möckelsnäs, by creating gin that combines classic craftsmanship with a bold modern taste. Using botanicals inspired by our beautiful surroundings we distill and bottle small batches, crafting a new legacy one bottle at the time.

Our journey continues

In September 2023 we finally launched Möckelsnäs Dry Gin in Sweden. To always be on the way, as a famous furniture dealer once said, is the true meaning of happiness. It has taken me a long time to truly understand the real meaning of those words. So although I'm still chasing my dream of making my gin available to all gin lovers around the world, I'm really happy to be where we are right now. We will always be on our way.

I hope that you who are reading this enjoy our gin and can feel that it was made with the love and craftsmanship it deserves, building on a history that started long before any of us. Our journey will continue and we are glad to have you joining us on this adventure.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Drink responsibly.

R. Eldh